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Michael Chanter Director at Red Bilby

Michael Chanter

Creative Director

Michael completed a BA Degree in Design at Chisholm Institute of Technology in 1982. Since then he has created artwork in a variety of media from clay to digital design.

After working as a lecturer in Design at Monash University for 5 years, Michael left to take up a position as head designer and brand manager for a small startup company that was to become one of Australia’s most recognised brands – carsales.com.au.

After 10 years as Design Manager at carsales.com.au and 2 years as Creative Director at Unique Websites, he established Red Bilby, a boutique design studio operating in Victoria’s Yarra Valley.

Tania Chanter

Presenter – Voice Artist – Artist

After working for 10 years in the advertising department at The Age newspaper, Tania joined Red Bilby in 2000 as a Director.

Tania lends her skills to video production as a presenter, scriptwriter and voice over artist.

Tania spends much of her time communicating with clients and ensuring they are happy with the work Red Bilby produces.

Tania is also an abstract artist who has sold her work thoughout Australia and overseas. Her work is represented in collections in Germany, France and the US. 

Red Bilby Design Team

Kristy Winfield

Web Designer

Kristy has had a passion for design ever since she can remember. She joined Red Bilby in 2012 after twelve years in the corporate world. Kristy brings her considerable talent to the web design team.

Clear Communication

At Red Bilby we listen to clients. I mean we really listen! In fact we listen more than we speak. Why? Because we believe that to make our clients happy we need to know what they really want and there is no substitute for asking the right questions and listening to the answers.
Innovative Ideas at Red Bilby

Innovative Ideas

Okay, we know there is nothing new under the sun, however it’s our aim to be innovative in our approach to everything we do. Whether we are designing a logo, website, book, or shooting a video we endeavour to inject our own unique style into whatever we are doing.
Full Service Design Red Bilby

Full Service Studio

We don’t really like the ‘one-stop-shop’ cliche, however when the shoe fits you may as well wear it! We offer a full range of design services including logo design, website design, book and print design, and full HD video production. See some examples below…
Timely Turnarounds at Red Bilby

Timely Turnarounds

We know time is precious so we don’t want to waste yours. If you have a deadline we will do our best to meet it and when you need updates to your website you won’t have to sit on hold in a support queue for hours. We don’t take on more clients than we can handle.

Some of our recent work

Jeff McMullen

What people are saying about Red Bilby. . .

The essence of Michael Chanter’s creative brilliance is a clarity of feeling and lightness of touch. The Red Bilby design leaves no fingerprints and the idea of each work flows freely with a strong sense of originality. I have collaborated with Michael on East Coast Encounter, a long-term multi-facted art project, as well as on books and other presentations requiring crisp delivery. Red Bilby always nails it!

Jeff McMullen – journalist, author, film-maker

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