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In 2011 Red Bilby built an iPhone game to explore the process of designing, creating and launching an iPhone game on the Apple App store.

The result was a game based on Hugh Jedd a character created by Michael Chanter. Hugh Jedd is a small boy with a very large head.

The game-play takes you from a 1960’s fish and chip shop, where you endeavor to navigate Hugh safely through a maze of flying pickled onions, chiko rolls and white flannel underpants, to the zero gravity surface of the moon, where Hugh must avoid all manner of floating astronautical dehydrated dinners.


Game design & development


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Fireworks
Game Salad

Hugh Jedd Game
Hugh Jedds
Hugh Jedd Level Complete
Hugh Jed Flying Undies
Hugh Jedd Moon Mission Level
Hugh Jedd Moon Mission
Hugh Jedd Level Complete
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