Over the last few months Red Bilby has been developing a new website for the Yarra Valley region in Victoria, Australia. The website has proved to more success than we could have imagined. Traffic to the site is growing consistently as are the video views.

Do The Yarra Valley website

The goal of the site was to create a strong brand that could be rolled out to other regions if it proved successful in the Yarra Valley. Hence the “do the” brand was born. To support the brand we developed a simple DL flyer, business cards, badges and some very simple magnetic vehicle graphics.

We decided early on in the development that video would be a fundamental to the sites success. We began shooting video using a Canon 500D and shooting in HD. The process of importing video from the SD card is so simple using a MacBook Pro with its inbuilt SD card slot. The 500D records superb quality Quicktime movie files and the audio quality is amazingly good from the on-camera microphone. See a couple of examples below.