Box of Surprises

Red Bilby - box of surprises

This is the place where we give you things – mostly for free! Unless we think of something really really good that you would love to buy. Anyway we like to share so this is the spot where we will be offering you wallpapers, calendars, icons, stickers, fonts, textures, images and all sorts of fun stuff to download. So drive through regularly with the window down and we will toss in what we’ve got – ENJOY!

The Horse & Rider Puzzle

OK, so you’re sitting at a restaurant waiting for the food to arrive, the conversation has died and you are staring blankly at the walls. Don’t despair, download the Red Bilby Version of the Horse and Rider puzzle and see who is the first to solve it. This puzzle has been around for a long time and its origins are not completely clear, however many attribute it to Samuel Loyd an American chess player and recreational mathematician. Print it out and keep it in your pocket, wallet, or wherever and then when the time is right…..whip it out and challenge someone to solve it. It’s especially handy for keeping children amused.

Horse & Rider Puzzle
Download The Puzzle